Where to place hand sanitizers in the workplace?

Approximately 80% of infections are transmitted through hands. Implementing effective hand hygiene practices in the workplace is crucial. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), prioritizing hand hygiene is the most crucial measure for preventing the transmission of harmful germs. Placing hand sanitizers strategically within the office can significantly contribute to better hand hygiene, fostering a safer and healthier work …

Spray Dispenser in Washroom

Maintaining Hygiene with Toilet Seat Sanitizers and Spray Dispenser SD7145C

The Spray Dispenser SD7145C is the ultimate solution for maintaining enhanced hygiene standards in high-traffic areas. With a fully disposable 500ml pouch, anti-spillage feature, tamper-proof design, and viewing window, this versatile dispenser is perfect for dispensing Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Seat Sanitizer Solution.

SD7700C (Grey) Blog Banner

5 Reasons Why You Need the Auto Hand Sanitizer/Soap Dispenser SD7700C in Your Business

As businesses around the world continue to adapt to the “new normal,” maintaining high levels of hygiene is more important than ever. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 reasons why the Auto Hand Sanitizer/Soap Dispenser SD7700C is an essential product for businesses. Touchless operation: With its non-touch operation, the SD7700C minimizes the risk of cross-infection. Customers and …