Going Green with Duprex

Through the years, Duprex has grown into a regional market leader that prides itself on producing cost-effective and reliable washroom and hygiene products.

In light of global warming and today’s increasing environmental concerns, we share the same vision as many of our consumers and believe in the importance of protecting our environment. That’s why Duprex is committed to developing sustainable hygiene products that have minimal environmental impact. With our eco-friendly green products, we believe that we can make a change together.

Go green, you will be glad you did!


Why Go Green?

saves energy

Protects our environment

Generates quantifiable ROI

Positive Brand Association

How we Go Green



Our green chemical products avoid the use of harsh and reactive additives that emit volatile organic compounds into the environment.

We use readily biodegradable raw materials that are 100 per cent non-toxic, as well as recyclable packaging bottles.

All our green cleaning chemicals are Singapore Green Label Certified.


Our energy-saving washroom supplies are a win for both the environment and your facility, ensuring maximum energy savings and reduced paper waste.
All our energy-saving washroom supplies are Green Spec Listed.



Our waste and environment solutions are designed to reduce the large amount of disposed waste in different ways to ensure better, greener practices for our planet.