How to prevent the spread of HFMD in your centre?
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How to prevent the spread of HFMD in your centre?

Hand foot and mouth disease (HFMD) occurs all year round with outbreaks commonly happening in childcare centres and schools. To reduce the transmission in your centre, you can implement the following preventive measures:

Daily checks on kids upon arrival at the centre. Children with fever, mouth ulcers, blisters on the hands and feet should be sent home to seek medical care and assessment. Infected children should be kept at home until fully recovered.

Practice good personal hygiene. Both staff and children must wash their hands frequently to maintain the cleanliness of their hands, especially before and after eating, and after going to the toilet.

Place hand sanitizers in common areas and outside classrooms and ensure children sanitize their hands before entering class or any common areas. For a list of hand sanitizers, click here.

Teach kids to cover their mouth when sneezing and not to put their hands or other objects in or near their mouths and to avoid sharing personal items.

Sanitize surfaces to reduce the risks of cross-contamination. Clean and sanitize common areas, frequently touched surfaces and any objects that may be contaminated such as toys, eating utensils, etc. For a list of disinfectant cleaner click here.

For a list of recommended products for education centre, click here

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