Cheerie – Air Deodorant Metered Aerosol Can 6000 shots

Product Code CDR

  • Cheerie Air Deodorant gives a pleasant and lasting scent to your surroundings.
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Fragrant Choice
Autumn Whisper Code No: CDR1051 A rosy scent of musk and morning-dew freshness
BioZest Code No: CDR1052 An energized revitalizing aroma of fresh citrus
CitraFlora Code No: CDR1057 A fresh scent of citrus and aromatic woods
Romance Code No: CDR1065 A sensual scent of mix spices and wild orchids
Simply Passion Code No: CDR1053 An exotic aroma of Hawaiian mango and fruits
Spring Harvest Code No: CDR1054 An invigorating scent of floral freshness
Tropical Code No: CDR1067 A refreshing scent of florals and misty sea breeze
Warm Surprise Code No: CDR1055 An aromatic scent of spices and woody musk