Cheerie – Air Deodorant Metered Aerosol Can 6000 shots

Product Code CDR

  • Instantly turn your indoor area into an orchard of freshness with each spray of Cheerie Air Deodorant.
  • Each fragrance is infused with essential oil extracts that comes in a wide variety of fragrances.
  • Each can dispenses up to 6000 metered shots and can cover up to a space of approximately 100m3.
  • Standard size fits most metered air freshener dispensers.
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  • White Tea – Sensual white tea combined with bergamot creating a heart-warming ambience.
  • BioZest – An energized revitalizing aroma of fresh citrus.
  • Simply Passion – An exotic aroma of Hawaiian mango and fruits.
  • Tropical – A refreshing scent of florals and misty sea breeze.
  • Spring Harvest – An invigorating scent of floral freshness.
  • CitraFlora – A fresh of citrus and aromatic woods.
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Specially formulated fragrances to give a pleasant and lasting scent to your surroundings.
Each can of 300ml Cheerie Air Deodorant dispenses up to 6000 metered shots and is suitable to scent a space of up to approximately 100m³.