Cheerie – AromaMist Refill (260ml)

Product Code CDR722X-1

  • Cheerie AromaMist Refill gives a pleasant and lasting scent to your environment.
  • These specially formulated, non-alcohol fragrances are developed to counteract malodours while giving a pleasant and long-lasting scent to your surroundings.
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Fragrance Choice
Fresh Woody Code No. CDR7221 Combination of aromatic citrus and exotic fruits with undertones of cedar, musk and nutmeg
Green Grass Code No. CDR7222 An uplifting fresh scent of citrus and ozone air supported by fresh greens with musky undertones
Green Rose Code No. CDR7223 A gracious floral green with leafy notes, jasmine and roses wrapped with musky elements
White Tea Code No. CDR7224 Calming white tea combined with the soothing elements of woody cedar, vanilla, and musk
Fresh Cotton Code No. CDR7225 A Fresh and Crisp linen and floral notes in harmony with musk and vanilla
Tropical Fruits Code No. CDR7226 Fresh aquatic notes wrapped with musky elements for a strong and elegant scent
Cucumber Green Tea Code No. CDR7227 Charming rose notes infused with magnolia and musk
for a sophisticated scent
Zen of Freshness Code No. CDR7228 A natural fragrance containing Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus for effective protection against mosquitoes ticks, and other arthropods