Cheerie – Air Fragrance Refill 3000 shots

Product Code CDR702X

  • Cheerie Water-Based Fragrance Refill gives a pleasant and lasting scent to your environment.
  • Metered spray delivers same fragrance strength from first to the last shot.
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Fragrance Choice
Amazon Code No. CDR7021 A gracious floral green leafy freshness
Blissful Code No. CDR7022 A cheerful fragrant of enchanting flowers
Noir Code No. CDR7023 A sensual scent enriched with spices and woody musk
Spring Harvest Code No. CDR7024 A lasting and invigorating scent of floral freshness
Summer Fiesta Code No. CDR7025 A savouring aroma of a mature nature highland tea
Tangy Code No. CDR7026 A tantalizing, energizing and revitalizing aroma fresh citrus