McClean – UniScreen Enzymatic and Fragranced Urinal Screen

Product Code CDS501X

  • Feature – Fragranced and deodorizing screen which keeps the urinals refreshed and clean.
  • Enzymatic Formula – Incorporated with enzymes that naturally eliminate odours while preventing lime scale deposits into the drains.
  • Reduces Splash Back – Transparent and flexible design with protrusions allows view of urinal drain, reduces splash back, and prevents solid waste from clogging the pipes.
  • Universal Size – Universal size which fits any urinals.
  • Powerful Performance – Efficient on both waterless urinals and urinals equipped with a flushing system.
  • 30 Days Slow Release – Slow release of active ingredients to last up to 30 days.
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  • Passion Fruits (Purple) – An exotic mix of tropical fruits supported by warm spices.
  • Green Lime (Green) – A refreshing and energizing blend of green lemon and acidulous lime.
  • Citrus Mango (Orange) – A vibrant mix of limes, lemons and sweet mangoes freshly picked from the tree.
  • Peach Orchard (Pink) – A tangy aroma of fleshy and sweet white peaches.
  • Mountain Breeze (Light Blue) – A pure freshness fragrance of red apples.
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Material Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate
Weight Per Piece 36 grams
Dimension 170mm (Diameter)