Spray Dispenser in Washroom

Maintaining Hygiene with Toilet Seat Sanitizers and Spray Dispenser SD7145C

The Spray Dispenser SD7145C is the ultimate solution for maintaining enhanced hygiene standards in high-traffic areas. With a fully disposable 500ml pouch, anti-spillage feature, tamper-proof design, and viewing window, this versatile dispenser is perfect for dispensing Hand Sanitizer and Toilet Seat Sanitizer Solution.

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Keep Your Urinals Fresh and Clean with Enzymatic & Fragranced Urinal Screen

Keep your urinals fresh and clean with Enzymatic & Fragranced Urinal Screen, also known as Uniscreen. Its fragranced and deodorizing formula, along with incorporated enzymes, naturally eliminate odours while preventing lime scale deposits. Suitable for any urinal, regardless of size or shape. Lasts up to 30 days.