How to use cleaning chemicals safely?
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How to use cleaning chemicals safely?

Some precautions should be taken when handling cleaning chemicals.

Protect Yourself

Make sure that gloves are worn at all times when using chemical solutions.

Do Not Mix Chemicals

Mixing chemicals of different classification can reduce cleaning effectiveness. Cleaners of anionic and cleaners of cationic surfactants will neutralise each other and affect efficacy when used together.
Furthermore, mixing chemicals can lead to toxic vapour emissions that can put your health at risk.
Be careful when using bleach.
Do not mix bleach with any chemicals as this can produce hazardous gases. The key to using bleach safely is keeping it simple: just add water.

Refer to Safety Data Sheet for proper handling of chemicals

Follow the user instructions on the sticker labels found on each chemical product and refer to the relevant Safety Data Sheets before use. When in doubt, please call us.

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