MaxShield – Gel Hand Sanitizer Cartridge 800ml

Product Code CDR4956-800ml

  • Kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria.
  • Fast-acting with instant protection in 30 seconds.
  • Long-lasting and persistent antimicrobial protection.
  • Tested in medical settings, approved for infection control.
  • Gentle to skin with added moisturizer, safe for frequent use.
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EQUIPMENT: To be used in SD7700C Auto Spray Dispenser.

PRODUCT EFFICACY: Tested to EN Standards.
EN 1040 – Bactericidal.
EN 1500 – Hygienic Hand Rub for use in medical settings, 30 seconds contact time.

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Appearance A clear gel with typical odour.
pH Neutral
Active Ingredients Ethyl Alcohol (75% min) and Chlorhexidine Gluconate (0.5% min)
Efficacy Eliminates 99.99999% of germs.
Tested in accordance to:
BSEN 1040:2005 (Antimicrobial)
BSEN 1500:2013 (E) (Hygienic Hand Rub- 30 seconds contact time)